Plan a Great First Date at a Mexican Restaurant in San Diego

A first date is a big deal. After all, this could be one’s introduction to the person that they’re going to marry and spend the rest of their lives with. While in the end, two people’s chemistry will shine through regardless of what activity they choose, everyone wants to plan a first date that’s interesting and fun. While most of the time men will take care of this job, women can also pick out the place where she could meet a potential boyfriend. If singles live in the San Diego area, there’s practically no shortage of places to go and see for a fantastic outing that may even earn a kiss at the end.

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For example, there’s endless beaches around the city. While suggesting a day in the sand and surf may be too much for the first meeting, there’s something sweet and romantic about taking a stroll along the shoreline. There’s plenty of boardwalks to enjoy, and one can even try winning a prize for their sweetie. If it’s affordable, rent out a boat for the night to get cozy. This may be best for a second date activity though.

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There’s also baseball batting cages, mini golf courses (and regular golf), aquariums, and museums. Those that want to go a little more traditional can find a variety of bars and cafes for a quick drink. Movie theaters are always available. Those that just want a simple night where two people can talk and get to know one another without strenuous activity should consider dining at a Mexican restaurant San Diego. The ethnic beauty and charm of this establishment provides the perfect ambiance for an exciting and friendly evening. It’s great for first dates that aren’t trying to look too sappy and love-struck.

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With large margaritas being prepared every night as well as spirits and beers ready on tap, the potential couple can share a beverage while they browse through a range of delicious appetizers and bar food. There’s also a happy hour each and every week night, making the restaurant an even more thrilling place to be. Menu items are healthy and full of flavor from fresh vegetables and Mexican seasonings and tastes.

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If there’s a lull in conversation, which sometimes happens on a first date, some of these restaurants even have mariachi players that venture from table to table to bring smiles to everyone’s faces. These talented musicians are a great icebreaker and conversation piece.

A Few Ways to Tell Whether or Not Mexican Food is Authentic

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Many people enjoy eating Mexican food on a regular basis; many even have a favorite Mexican restaurant San Diego or another major city that’s their go-to anytime they get a craving for Mexican food. What so many people fail to realize, however, is that many so-called “Mexican” restaurants in the United States aren’t really serving up authentic Mexican food; instead, they serve Tex-Mex, or an Americanized version of the cuisine. Fortunately, for people who want to real deal, there are a few ways to go about determining whether or not food is authentic.


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The first sign that one is eating at a Mexican restaurant that’s not authentic is that the menu has “fajitas” on it as an option. Unfortunately, fajitas aren’t a Mexican food at all, but an adaptation that was first popularized in the United States back in the 1960s. Therefore, a Mexican restaurant that offers fajitas is probably more of a Tex-Mex place and not a place that serves up authentic Mexican cuisine.

Flour Tortillas

In Mexican dishes, most food (such as tacos) is served up on a corn tortilla—not a flour one. Therefore, upon ordering tacos, if the food is brought out on a flour tortilla, there’s a good chance the restaurant is not an authentic Mexican one. In fact, some Mexican restaurants won’t even keep flour tortillas on-hand.


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When the food is delivered, is it sizzling? Is it covered with globs of cheese? If the answer to either of these questions is “yes,” then one is probably not eating authentic Mexican food. This is not to say that Mexican cuisine doesn’t incorporate cheese, because it does. However, most real Mexican restaurants would never serve up a dish of beans or burritos covered with a huge blob of cheese because they care about the presentation of their food. It’s the same reason why an authentic Mexican restaurant will never serve up a taco topped with wilted lettuce and a few chopped tomatoes. Instead, authentic Mexican tacos are more likely to be covered with a small amount of fresh lettuce and some lime.

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For those who care about eating truly authentic food, these tips are sure to be helpful when it comes to weeding out Americanized versions of one’s favorite Mexican places. This isn’t a comprehensive list, but it will surely help one get started.

The Delicious Flavors of Mexico are Found in San Diego

Getting a feeling for Mexican culture means to enjoy the best Mexican restaurant San Diego has to offer. There are plenty of great Mexican restaurants in San Diego so it is not mexican restaurant san diego so easy to pick the best. It is more fun to go around and try them all.

There are many different taste sensations that come from south of the border. This is a handy guide to the different flavors and regional dishes that is helpful to know when being served. Of course all Mexicans like tacos, and burritos, but also tortas (toasted sandwiches), tamales (especially when made by hand and boiled while wrapped in a banana plant leaf), and enchiladas.

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These foods, along with a generous helping of rice and beans, are the staples in the country of Mexico. That is where Mexican cuisine begins and it expands from these basics to some of the tastiest dishes ever made on the planet Earth by anyone.

Regional Differences in Mexican Cuisine

  • Yucatan Peninsula Recipes – Dishes with the flavor of the Yucatan Peninsula, which is on the eastern coast of Mexico, have a Mayan influence. The meats are frequently happy hour san diego sweetened with natural organic honey while cooking. There is an abundance of fresh fish. Shrimp ceviche (cooked jumbo shrimp with tomatoes, chopped onions, drenched with limejuice) is a favorite dish.
  • Baja California – This area created the Caesar salad and fish tacos.
  • Northern Mexico – In the north, the favorite dishes are made from meat, like Carne Asado (strips of beef mixed with onions and potatoes).
  • Southern Mexico – In the south, the Mexican people eat more chicken. The tasty dishes are chicken fajitas and Caldo de Pollo (chicken soup).

The fun thing about eating food in San Diego is that all the Mexican styles are represented. The ingredients are available, just like in the towns south of the border, so all it takes is a restaurant with a staff that knows how to make the best recipes.

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Expand horizons and think of Mexican food in more enjoyable ways. Many of the good Mexican restaurants are in the downtown area of San Diego near the Mexican Cultural Center, which is a good place to start on the adventure to find the best Mexican food in San Diego. Learn the names of favorite dishes in Spanish and then have the best dining experiences of a lifetime.

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Preparing Food at Home After Work


While getting take-out from a Mexican restaurant San Diego is always a fantastic dinner option, many busy professionals also want to find ways to prepare food at home to enjoy even on the nights when they have to work late. Those who are interested in doing more home cooking and avoiding restaurants on a daily basis will find that there are several options for preparing delicious food quickly.

Electric grill

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Electric grills can be fantastic options for those interested in making food quickly. They are great for preparing a wide range of meats, such as chicken breasts or burgers. Rather than having to wait for a regular grill to heat up, electric grills get plugged in and heat up within minutes. Since they cook the meat, or other food, from the top and the bottom, the food also cooks in significantly less time than a traditional grill. Busy professionals can come home and cook themselves a fresh chicken breast by the time they finish getting out of their work clothes. These grills are also small enough to fit easily on a kitchen countertop.

Premade food

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nother option is taking a few hours on the weekend to prepare large amounts of some favorite dishes. Once the food has been cooked, divide it up into single dish portions and freeze the extras. When a person arrives home from work, they can stick one of the meals in the oven or microwave and enjoy, similar to a home-made microwave dinner.

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Crockpots are wonderful options for those who love coming home to freshly cooked foods. These slow-cookers often cook for 8 hours or more and then keep food warm until they are turned off. They can be set up in the morning with a delicious dish and then when the professional arrives home, the food will be ready to enjoy. They can be used to prepare a wide range of types of foods, including meats and stews.

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Preparing homemade food is a wonderful way to improve the nutritional content and cost of what people eat. Rather than going to restaurants to get take-out each night, it can be far more advantageous to prepare one’s own food and save restaurants for the weekends to enjoy. Those who are busy professionals, however, often struggle to find the time to cook their food when they come home from work tired and hungry. These are just three techniques that people can use to make it easier to prepare their own food.

How To Mix a Tasty Margarita

Anybody who has ever enjoyed a cold margarita in a Mexican restaurant San Diego probably has wondered how hard it would be to enjoy these drinks at home. Actually, good margaritas are simple and quick to make. The important things are to have the right ingredients and use them in the correct proportions.

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Mixing the Perfect Classic Margarita

Of course, there are probably as many margarita recipes as there are bartenders. This is a classic recipe that is commonly used for a margarita on the rocks.

These are the ingredients to have on hand:

  • Agave tequila : 1 1/2 ounce
  • Ice
  • Triple sec liquor : 1/2 ounce
  • Salt
  • Fresh lime juice : 1 ounce
  • Lime or lemon wedge

First, coat the rim of the glass with juice from the lime or lemon wedge. catering san diegoAfter that, dip the rim of the glass in salt to coat it. Set the lemon wedge aside or cut a small notch to balance it to the rim of the glass to give the drink a festive look. Whoever enjoys this drink also has the option to use the lime or lemon wedge to add an extra squeeze of sour into their drink.

Mix the tequila, lime juice, and triple sec together in the glass and add a handful of ice cubes. Make sure it’s well stirred and enjoyed.

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Frozen Margaritas

Frozen margaritas have become a popular variation. Instead of mixing the ice and liquids together in a glass, blend them up in a blender first. Then pour this icy and refreshing drink into a glass that has had the rim coated with salt. Some people who think that regular margaritas taste too strong enjoy frozen margaritas, and they are always popular on warm days.

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Margarita Variations

Lime juice is the traditional non-alcoholic mixer for these drinks. However, there are plenty of tasty variations. Almost any type of fruit juice works well, so why not experiment with orange or pineapple juice? Also, some people prefer to add a bit of sugar or other sweetener to the mix. Another option is to coat the rim with sugar instead of salt to make the drink sweeter.

Characteristics of a Good Mexican Restaurant

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Mexican restaurants can be found in all parts of the world for good reason. Authentic Mexican cuisine is colorful, delicious, and healthy. A wide variety of fruits and vegetables can be easily grown in Mexico’s mild climate, providing diners with a vast array of healthy options. Seafood is also abundant off the Mexican shores. It isn’t just the food, however, that makes a trip to a mexican restaurant san diego such a fabulous experience. Ambiance, decor, and a warm, hospitable atmosphere are all important components of the best Mexican restaurants.

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One of the main problems that many restaurants face is trying to be everything to all diners. For instance, it’s important to have a fairly varied menu in order to appeal to a broad base of customers, but menus that offer too many choices can be confusing as well as indicate that the restaurant really has no specialties. Successful restaurants always establish signature entrees, desserts, and beverages that set them apart from other establishments. It’s also very difficult for the kitchen staff to master particular dishes if they are always preparing something different.

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Many people choose to dine in Mexican restaurants because they appreciate the festive ambiance provided by the trademark vibrant decor of these establishments. The interiors of Mexican restaurants are generally upbeat places decorated in cheerful colors. Lush, thriving green indoor plants are common in these establishments, and the front-of-the-house staff is often dressed in traditional Mexican clothing. Murals depicting scenes from rural Mexico are common wall themes, and south of the border music is usually playing softly in the background. People often equate

mexican restaurant san diego

Mexican cuisine with calorie-laden fare that should be consumed judiciously and only on an occasional basis. Although it’s true that many traditional Mexican staples, such as flour tortillas and beans that have been fried in lard are high in fat and calories, it’s possible to enjoy Mexican food every day of the year and not gain any weight at all by sticking with grilled seafood and poultry and enjoying fresh salads. The best Mexican restaurants are places where patrons always feel welcome and valued, whether they are stopping in for a quick, inexpensive snack or treating themselves and their dinner companions to an elaborate, costly meal. Food always tastes better when it’s eaten in a relaxing and friendly atmosphere, and the best restaurants know this.

Authentic Mexican Food Everyone Should Try


For countless North Americans, what they consider to be Mexican food can be more properly characterized as ‘Tex-Mex’. Although some of these cheese filled products can be absolutely delicious, sometimes customers looking for a Mexican restaurant in San Diego want something a big more authentic. Mexican food offers a wealth of flavors and textures, and it is worth exploring these culinary creations. The following Mexican foods, in particular, should be tasted by anyone who wants to try authentic Central American food.

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Tacos de harina

These wheat flour tacos traditionally are found in southern Mexican restaurant San Diego and are not nearly as thick and overstuffed as American burritos. They often contain meat or seafood, some rice, and maybe beans and white cheese. These are delicious alternatives to some of the enormous servings that many Tex-Mex places tend to serve.

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Cochinita Pibil


This dish of slow roasted pork is sure to whet the appetite. This traditional dish involves marinating the pork in citrus juices and then roasting it in a banana leaf. It is often served with sides such as refried beans, chilies, and onion with some corn tortillas. This meat tastes absolutely delicious and when combined with the sides, it is sure to satisfy anyone interested in trying some more authentic Mexican food.

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This is a popular breakfast dish that is sure to get the day off to a good start. It begins with lightly fried corn tortillas that have been cut into quarters. The tortillas are then topped with either red or green sauce, keeping in mind that salsa in Mexico tends to put the American spreads to shame. The salsa will then be topped with scrambled or fried eggs and some pulled chicken. The protein will then be topped with cheese or cream and served with some refried beans. The wealth of flavors and the experience of the food is sure to make sure everyone has the breakfast they need to take on the day.


Mexican food has a variety of flavors, textures, and food creations that make this cuisine incredible. With dishes that date back to the Aztecs as well as dishes that have been influenced by the Spanish and other settlers, the food options perfectly combines the various cultural influences that have come to impact the Central American nation. Those interested in stepping out of the Tex-Mex fare and trying some traditional Mexican food should give some of the above options a try and see all that this culture has to offer.