Things People May Not Know About Mexican Restaurants in San Diego

mexican restaurant san diegoMost Americans think that when they order food from a fast-food restaurant that serves Mexican-style meals, they are getting the same exact type of food that people in Mexico eat. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. In Mexico, food is prepared in different ways and is not made using the same ingredients. For example, if one goes to Mexico and orders a taco, he or she will not be getting ground beef as the filler. Mexican people do not use beef to fill their tacos; they use vegetables and other mashed ingredients. In some cases, even ground insects like escamoles, jumiles, or cuchamas are used.

mexican restaurant san diegoThe tacos in Mexico are also nothing like what is served at most places in the United States. When Americans think of tacos, they are sure to think of sour cream, yellow cheese, and lettuce. These are not ingredients that any taco stand would put together in Mexico. Authentic Mexican tacos are going to use real Mexican cheeses like queso fresco or cojita, which are white cheeses. These are different styles of cheese that can sometimes be difficult to find in the United States. Someone who wants to prepare a truly authentic Mexican dish will need to visit a Hispanic supermarket to find these items; the regular chain supermarkets in the U.S. will probably not have them on the shelves.

mexican restaurant san diegoAnother thing that most people don’t know about authentic Mexican food is that it is made with lots of corn. When someone gets a burrito in America, there’s a very good chance it will be made using a flour tortilla. In Mexico, they use corn tortillas to prepare a burrito. Authentic Mexican dishes make use of corn in so many ways, including the husks. Husks can be used to hold steamed vegetables for a tasty appetizer.

While the American version of Mexican food can be tasty, it is not what’s really served in Mexico. What is served at most “Mexican” restaurants in America is known as Tex-Mex, an American twist on food that comes from Mexico. However, it is possible to find a mexican restaurant San Diego that serves authentic dishes.

Authentic Dishes to Try at a Mexican Restaurant in San Diego

mexican restaurant san diegoWhen visiting an authentic Mexican restaurant, one should consider trying some of the traditional dishes from Mexico. If it’s early in the day, order chilaquiles. These are fried tortillas with salsa that gets topped with an egg and makes for a delicious breakfast item.

If it’s dinner time, give cochinita pibil a try. This is slow-roasted pork that gets marinated in citrus juice and colored with annatto seed. It is roasted while wrapped in a banana leaf.

For dessert, try a paleta. This is a popsicle-style dessert that is made with fresh fruits and is actually very healthy. There are plenty of authentic alternatives to Tex-Mex dishes that many Americans end up liking even more than what they are used to.

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