Plan a Great First Date at a Mexican Restaurant in San Diego

A first date is a big deal. After all, this could be one’s introduction to the person that they’re going to marry and spend the rest of their lives with. While in the end, two people’s chemistry will shine through regardless of what activity they choose, everyone wants to plan a first date that’s interesting and fun. While most of the time men will take care of this job, women can also pick out the place where she could meet a potential boyfriend. If singles live in the San Diego area, there’s practically no shortage of places to go and see for a fantastic outing that may even earn a kiss at the end.

mexican restaurant san diego

For example, there’s endless beaches around the city. While suggesting a day in the sand and surf may be too much for the first meeting, there’s something sweet and romantic about taking a stroll along the shoreline. There’s plenty of boardwalks to enjoy, and one can even try winning a prize for their sweetie. If it’s affordable, rent out a boat for the night to get cozy. This may be best for a second date activity though.

mexican restaurant san diego

There’s also baseball batting cages, mini golf courses (and regular golf), aquariums, and museums. Those that want to go a little more traditional can find a variety of bars and cafes for a quick drink. Movie theaters are always available. Those that just want a simple night where two people can talk and get to know one another without strenuous activity should consider dining at a Mexican restaurant San Diego. The ethnic beauty and charm of this establishment provides the perfect ambiance for an exciting and friendly evening. It’s great for first dates that aren’t trying to look too sappy and love-struck.

mexican restaurant san diego

With large margaritas being prepared every night as well as spirits and beers ready on tap, the potential couple can share a beverage while they browse through a range of delicious appetizers and bar food. There’s also a happy hour each and every week night, making the restaurant an even more thrilling place to be. Menu items are healthy and full of flavor from fresh vegetables and Mexican seasonings and tastes.

mexican restaurant san diego

If there’s a lull in conversation, which sometimes happens on a first date, some of these restaurants even have mariachi players that venture from table to table to bring smiles to everyone’s faces. These talented musicians are a great icebreaker and conversation piece.

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