The Delicious Flavors of Mexico are Found in San Diego

Getting a feeling for Mexican culture means to enjoy the best Mexican restaurant San Diego has to offer. There are plenty of great Mexican restaurants in San Diego so it is not mexican restaurant san diego so easy to pick the best. It is more fun to go around and try them all.

There are many different taste sensations that come from south of the border. This is a handy guide to the different flavors and regional dishes that is helpful to know when being served. Of course all Mexicans like tacos, and burritos, but also tortas (toasted sandwiches), tamales (especially when made by hand and boiled while wrapped in a banana plant leaf), and enchiladas.

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These foods, along with a generous helping of rice and beans, are the staples in the country of Mexico. That is where Mexican cuisine begins and it expands from these basics to some of the tastiest dishes ever made on the planet Earth by anyone.

Regional Differences in Mexican Cuisine

  • Yucatan Peninsula Recipes – Dishes with the flavor of the Yucatan Peninsula, which is on the eastern coast of Mexico, have a Mayan influence. The meats are frequently happy hour san diego sweetened with natural organic honey while cooking. There is an abundance of fresh fish. Shrimp ceviche (cooked jumbo shrimp with tomatoes, chopped onions, drenched with limejuice) is a favorite dish.
  • Baja California – This area created the Caesar salad and fish tacos.
  • Northern Mexico – In the north, the favorite dishes are made from meat, like Carne Asado (strips of beef mixed with onions and potatoes).
  • Southern Mexico – In the south, the Mexican people eat more chicken. The tasty dishes are chicken fajitas and Caldo de Pollo (chicken soup).

The fun thing about eating food in San Diego is that all the Mexican styles are represented. The ingredients are available, just like in the towns south of the border, so all it takes is a restaurant with a staff that knows how to make the best recipes.

restaurant san diego

Expand horizons and think of Mexican food in more enjoyable ways. Many of the good Mexican restaurants are in the downtown area of San Diego near the Mexican Cultural Center, which is a good place to start on the adventure to find the best Mexican food in San Diego. Learn the names of favorite dishes in Spanish and then have the best dining experiences of a lifetime.

Mexican Restaurant San Diego Videos

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