Authentic Mexican Food Everyone Should Try


For countless North Americans, what they consider to be Mexican food can be more properly characterized as ‘Tex-Mex’. Although some of these cheese filled products can be absolutely delicious, sometimes customers looking for a Mexican restaurant in San Diego want something a big more authentic. Mexican food offers a wealth of flavors and textures, and it is worth exploring these culinary creations. The following Mexican foods, in particular, should be tasted by anyone who wants to try authentic Central American food.

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Tacos de harina

These wheat flour tacos traditionally are found in southern Mexican restaurant San Diego and are not nearly as thick and overstuffed as American burritos. They often contain meat or seafood, some rice, and maybe beans and white cheese. These are delicious alternatives to some of the enormous servings that many Tex-Mex places tend to serve.

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Cochinita Pibil


This dish of slow roasted pork is sure to whet the appetite. This traditional dish involves marinating the pork in citrus juices and then roasting it in a banana leaf. It is often served with sides such as refried beans, chilies, and onion with some corn tortillas. This meat tastes absolutely delicious and when combined with the sides, it is sure to satisfy anyone interested in trying some more authentic Mexican food.

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This is a popular breakfast dish that is sure to get the day off to a good start. It begins with lightly fried corn tortillas that have been cut into quarters. The tortillas are then topped with either red or green sauce, keeping in mind that salsa in Mexico tends to put the American spreads to shame. The salsa will then be topped with scrambled or fried eggs and some pulled chicken. The protein will then be topped with cheese or cream and served with some refried beans. The wealth of flavors and the experience of the food is sure to make sure everyone has the breakfast they need to take on the day.


Mexican food has a variety of flavors, textures, and food creations that make this cuisine incredible. With dishes that date back to the Aztecs as well as dishes that have been influenced by the Spanish and other settlers, the food options perfectly combines the various cultural influences that have come to impact the Central American nation. Those interested in stepping out of the Tex-Mex fare and trying some traditional Mexican food should give some of the above options a try and see all that this culture has to offer.

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