Choosin a Mexican Restaurant in San Diego

Those seeking a mexican restaurant san diego will find a huge array of options. This provides both benefits and drawbacks to those who love this style of cuisine.

mexican restaurant san diego

On one hand, there’s no need to feel trapped to one or two establishments, but on the other hand, it can take a while to find a favorite.
One of the main criteria people have when choosing a restaurant is that it matches their taste in atmosphere.

mexican restaurant san diego

Some people like a loud, party-oriented feel while others would rather sit at a corner table in a small, quiet establishment. Needless to say, if the first type of person ends up in the second type of restaurant, they will not like the experience no matter how good the food or service may be. The same is true for the other way around – someone who likes a quiet meal would run screaming from a loud, salsa-music-filled, festival.
If a restaurant is visited during its busy time, it’ll be easy to see what type of atmosphere it offers just by peeking in the door. When advance reservations are required and there isn’t a chance to stop by early, surprises can happen.

mexican restaurant san diego

Would-be guests should call and ask about the establishment’s atmosphere before committing to a reservation.
After restaurants with the proper feel are found, the next criteria may be to determine just which types of food are served. Many establishments fall under the category of “Mexican,” for example, but that’s too broad of a term to say very much. Some have standard, chain-restaurant fare that tastes more American than anything else, others throw jalapenos on everything and call it Spanish, while a few actually have food that tastes like it came from authentic Mexican recipes.

mexican restaurant san diego

There is also some variety in what counts as an “authentic Mexican recipe,” and connoisseurs will have preferences as to which province of Mexico the recipes come from.
Needless to say, each type of restaurant has its own fan base. An American tourist who wants food that’s much like what they’re used to but is “a bit different” will probably go for a generic Mexican-style outlet, while the person who cares about the provincial origin of a recipe will choose one with top-class chefs that are right from the mother country. Fortunately, in a city like San Diego, there are examples of each type of eatery so no one ever has to be disappointed.

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